An Ode to Fall

With the Winter Solstice upon us, I figured I finally bid goodbye to Fall:

Fall2014 1
Adieu adieu to Fall adieu
How tumultuous and exquisite you’ve been mon dieu!

An ode to fall here we go
Why so special
There must be a reason
Why Fall is one of two equinox seasons
In balance, half day and half night
The fall leaves, the fall sun, it’s a wonderful sight
It’s like everything is harmonious and sings at once
It’s like midday in a romantic place like France

Adieu to the colors
Adieu to the balance
Of half night, half day
Adjusting will be a challenge
Like all seasons, you have served your time
‘Til the next equinox where we shall see a different sunshine
Fall2014 2
Fall2014 3


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