My Chicken Nugget Graduated From Harvard

Now, I don’t always eat fast food, but when I do, it’s something I’m familiar with– ol’ McDonald. It’s cold, we’ve been walking with our arms ready to fall off from all the shopping bags and we’re hungry.

Let me get something straight, when you order something from the dollar menu you expect it to be around a dollar, right? Otherwise there should be $$$ signs instead of $. I mean, I don’t get it. Why were my chicken nuggets so expensive? Was it that we were in the city and these were exclusive Upper Eastside city chic nuggets? Were they recently featured in NYFW? Nay–limited edition? No, no, and haha fashion show *I chuckled a little*.

McChicken nuggets are or should be the same borough to borough. It’s not like I eat outlet nuggets and come to the city to eat fashionable ones. Like were they separated in the barn? Are the smarter chickens more expensive because upon ingestion will provide nutrients and proteins aided to boost one’s I.Q. ? Ah…so many questions on those nuggets. 

Well, they weren’t half-bad and the wait was totally worth it. Either that or we were starving and ol’ Mc was relatively close. Those chicken nuggets were pricy for simply being chicken nuggets but I am certain it was for good reason. I mean they must have done something extra, graduated Harvard perhaps? If so, then now I know why they say it’s grade A meat.



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