Happy New Year 2014!


Hope everyone’s holidays went well :) and this blog post finds you happy and healthy. Here’s to a wonderful New Year! 2014! This year my sister inspired me to do something I found to be interesting and unique. Whenever you experience something big or memorable, you write it down on a piece of paper, and put it in a box. On the eve of the upcoming New Year, you read your memories on those scraps of paper. I’m more of a diary/journal person but I think this is a nice quick way of reminiscing your past year without flipping through pages of dear diaries. 


More importantly, my New Year’s Resolution for this year is to be bold and to follow my dream…I have realized no one and nothing is perfect, so waiting for perfectionism to strike is like watching grass turn pink–it’s never going to happen.


What’s your New Years Resolution?


Peace & love,




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