Did anyone listen to Miley?

Remember in high school when we had those papers where we were supposed to analyze a story? Write an analysis of a quote from Romeo and Juliet? A critical lens comparing two pieces of literature? Yeah? Shuddering at the mere mention of it? Well, I for one LOVED it. I could not have been happier; I remember I used to get so excited I simply could not decide which quote or picture to use. It was the equivalent of choosing an outfit for an important event–you want it to be your best. I don’t know, I have always liked symbolism, interpreting quotes and seeking the hidden message. I think it is so cool for the author to make it a mystery and not be too blatant by giving clues. It is alluring. So where am I going with this?

About two months ago, I heard Miley’s song on the radio–from start to the last tragic musical note. For those 3 minutes and 42 seconds, I felt like Miley took me on her sad journey. I felt betrayed, sad, disappointed; there was so much passion in that voice. I saw the video and it all made sense.  

She is wearing white to show her innocence, her purity. I am not calling her a virgin nor am I calling her a slut. She wanted love, she got caught up in it, she was that eager person waiting in line for the new roller coaster ride only to find out the ride made her sick to her stomach.

She is on the swinging wrecking ball to show that yeah she does ‘own’ it and ‘controls’ it by sitting on top of it but notice, it is the swinging ball that controls her, that moves her. Her feet are not touching the ground, she can not stop. Once it swings and if it hits a brick wall her only options are to jump and get hurt or close her eyes and get hurt. Only difference is when she jumps the anticipation of how much it will hurt will build up, with her eyes closed she is tense and clenched because she does not know how that pain is supposed to feel.

The hammer, metal cold, what does it do? It slams a fragile small pin in its place, keeps it there. Miley was hit, she was stuck. She made love to a cold hard hammer that left noting but a bitter aftertaste in her mouth

She lays there stripped of her clothes because she is stripped of who she is, who or what she is supposed to be. 

Her bare body on that cold metal wrecking ball shows the heartless cold relationship she was in, laying in that raggedy sharp bed of rocks shows she was never comfortable.

Starting off she is in white to show the innocence she had going in the relationship, ending it off bare shows how she was striped of everything she was. It is not to say she has no identity, but everything she believed in or thought she knew, has been demolished.

Also, I do not feel like she is trying to be a role model or set a standard for young girls. From the start of the video, seeing how minimal her makeup was, it just says, “hey..listen to me, can someone please just listen?” it is as if she is asking for help but more so of just asking for a shoulder to cry on, an ear to hear her, and a heart or warm soul to feel what she has been going through. After watching the video, I felt bad, like I wanted to give her a hug. 


She is human, just like the rest of us. She is new to becoming an adult, how old is she? Like 20? 21 I believe? At least she has the audacity to capture her sadness instead of faking a smile, putting a filter on it, and “hashtaging” it.

As always,


peace & love,




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