Happy Halloween

Come Fall, after the buzz of the first weeks of school follows the excitement of what character you are going to be for Halloween. It’s a fun, festive holiday that allows you to unleash your creative brain outside of its daily cubicle. This year, this oh-so-fun (kind of slutty) holiday conveniently fell in the middle of the week–hence my costume was: a tired as @!#$ student health professional. Hair in a bun, glasses, sweats, semester’s worth of papers in my bag and a packet of notes in my hand– if you’re not studying or reading drug related material, you are wasting your time. 

Growing up, Halloween was such an awesome time because it was like the whole world playing dress-up– it wasn’t just you on a Saturday afternoon wearing your mothers entire makeup collection on your face and dangly pearls. 


My grandma, on the other hand, was not too keen on this holiday. We wouldn’t dress up as zombies or ghosts or anything; we were always princesses or cute witches. But still, she would disagree mainly because the holiday is viewed as kind of making fun of the deceased. During the month of October where we celebrate our second Eid (not the one where we fast), we make this desert called saamanak. It’s basically from wheat grass and the process is quite tedious. When this desert is made, it isn’t your normal 4-6 people serving, you typically make so much that you give some to your neighbors, relatives and friends, AND have left some for your own family.

I thought it was interesting when someone brought it up and asked me, “Hey, do Muslims celebrate Halloween? Like are you allowed to? I mean, it’s just candy.” I mean, yes we can go trick or treating and give out candy to trick-or-treaters but we have to be respectful of the dead. It’s not about the candy, it’s more about not frolicking and partying in costumes that represent the dead and instead praying for them. 

Since I’m older now I see what my grandma was talking about. By dressing up in costumes of ghosts, ghouls and masks with bloody or scarred faces it is like we are making fun of them and as Muslims we should be praying for them instead of partaking in what my grandma calls it “horse-play”. 

 Anyways, it’s not like people dress up as witches and zombies anymore these days, it’s more like dressing up as celebrities and an excuse to dress more towards the wild side. 

So there ya go, a little tid-bit/fun fact of Muslim’s and Halloween. Hope you guys are having fun and are safe on this Hallow’s Eve!


Peace & Love,




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