There Are Parents, And Then There Are GRANDparents

Grandparents…grraaand…parents. They are grand, they are superior than your parents. What makes them grand? The way they greet you when you walk in the room, the way they look at you- with pride on their smiley lips like they could not contain themselves. It is cute, it is wonderful, it is sweet. September 8th was the day where you baked or cooked something for your Grandma or Grandpa, it was indeed Grandparent’s Day. 

My grandma once told me that the relationship of a grandmother to her grandchild is a sweet one, sweeter than with her own child.

“Okay, so imagine I am the peach, the peach pit is your mother, and that sweet little nut inside the know once you crack it open? That sweet, precious little thing? That’s you.”

I wanted to cry a little when she said that. ‘Oh my gosh..that’s like the cutest thing to say’, I thought. Heh…I’m kinda tearing up now as I’m typing this.

They can’t get mad at you; at least, not for long. They get over it and are just plain happy that you remembered to call them and ask how they were doing or something. I feel like every Sunday should be Grandparent’s Day. It’s not enough to just have it once in an entire year. Especially considering how lonely they get at their age? Most likely they are retired, bored, mostly sitting at home with nothing to do. And by just stopping by or calling in to say ‘hi’ I can make her day? Put a smile on her face that easily? Well, that’s nothing! Considering she was there to talk to me and cheer me up when I got in trouble, or when she would get on my side of the argument and told my mom to let me get that toy– arguing ‘she’s only 8 once!”.  

Grandparents give us special treatment all the time, let us return the favor..not only on that one September sunday, but all the Sundays to come. 


^taken on Grandma’s Day 

Peace & Love,



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