Four Seasons


ImageI never really liked when someone asked me what my favorite season was. I had always felt inclined to answer the season in which I was born in, but winter was not my favorite. Then I began to think and thought summer for sure– but wait! It gets too hot, and oy the mosquitos! Okay no…spring! Ah yes! But wait..oy the rain and cold/hot weather changes, nah…okay, fall? Kinda gets a little gloomy during that time. So that’s it? Nah..there has got to be a middle. And so I pondered on this thought and came up with this: as corny, cheesy, and cliched this my sound–every season has its beauty and part of the adventure is finding tranquility and finding yourself in each season. I believe we learn from our mistakes and part of this process is fixing our mistakes, therefore, we find ourselves changing, growing, and molding our personalities. Knowing who you are is a beautiful thing, because you realize your potential, your uniqueness, and how special you are. Summer. Despite the loud and bright images that usually come to mind at the thought of summer, I often associate it with deep thinking, tranquillity, and a time to reflect. I mean think about it, if you are a teen and you have just graduated, you are probably spending your last moments with your high school buddies before college begins and you drift off. You begin to realize how time has a way of escaping so fast you did not even see it. People go on vacations, some pick up more hours because they no longer have school, people get busier–with life, family, work, themselves, and then you reflect–think about yourself, what YOU have done so far. Think about the crazy year you have had and come to the realization that damn it! you need a vacation too! As you drift off to paradise, you relax, unwind, and rewire your brain, you breathe as if you are an advanced yoga instructor. You foreshadow the year ahead and what you liked or did not like about it and how you will go about to change it. You make dreams, you make plans, you get carried away from the hype of all the excitement around you. Barbeques are happening, people sipping a little too much of that “happy” drink and you all dream, which can be a beautiful beautiful thing. But then instead of tears of joy you might cry the other tears once summer comes to an end because you failed to fulfill your dreams or worse–you did not even get close…they were just dreams and no action. BUT reflect and DO. Do dream because THAT is your VISION, and do DO because that is your destiny, that is your life. See the beauty of summer and you will see the beauty in you.



Peace & Love,



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