The Royal..erm.. Afghan Treatment


Just three days ago it was International Women’s Day. I was looking forward to this day since last year! I told myself that I would do something big next year, but alas, things happen over time, and we forget. I almost forgot it was our big day until a witty young lady in my class told the professor, “I think all the women in the room should be given an extra five points since we just spent our time taking an exam during our special day…”. International Women’s Day is a wonderful holiday since, unlike Mother’s Day, it celebrates all women! It is a day to acknowledge the power and strength of women. 

This day reminded me of a little story I wanted to share with you guys. 

There were these two men–an Englishman and an Afghan man. The Englishman visited the Afghan man’s house one day and realized that his wife didn’t shake his hand or welcome the Englishman with a kiss on the cheek, but rather, said hello with a nod and a smile. He was always curious as to why Afghan women dressed modestly and were so conservative. This finally prompted him to ask the Afghan man, “How come your women cover themselves up?” The Afghan man smiled and took two pieces of chocolate. He unwrapped one and left the other wrapped and threw them on the plate in front of him.

“Which would you prefer?” 

“The wrapped one, of course!” 

“Okay then,” the Afghan man replied, “that is why our women dress modestly”

“Alright, so then answer me this, how come they don’t greet and shake hands with other men?”

“Well, do you shake the Queen’s hand?”

“No! She is the Queen of England”

“So then? Same applies for our women– we treat them like Queens; they don’t shake hands with just anyone.”

Afghan or not, all women are special, all are powerful, all are Queens at heart.

And no, unfortunately, we did not get those extra five points.


Peace & love,



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