Live, Laugh, Love, blah blah blah

Friend: I’m thinking of a you have any good quotes?

Me: why, for what?

F: I wanna put a quote for this without thinking..wait that’s not it..there was this quote that went like “lie without depending, love without spending and…” ARGHH so aggravated I can’t think..wait hold on..I gotta think

That was one of the rare moments I have seen her think that hard..I thought she was trying to figure out a calculus problem, but she was looking for a nice meaningful quote to place as a caption under her picture on Facebook. 

“Oh I got it! It goes like ‘live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending!”

Me:  Yeah.. that’s real good, maybe you should follow it too.

It’s interesting how these young kids search and scour through the internet for meaningful, thoughtful quotes about life, love, and finding oneself however they don’t understand it. They only read it but they do not understand it! They put these amazing quotes and sayings by famous and influential people to show their Facebook buddies that they think like that as well. It’s all about showing others how “smart” and “witty” you are, when in reality YOU don’t understand how to apply that meaningful quote into your own life. 

Most teens nowadays only see the surface, of anything, in this case let’s say a quote. They read the quote and they think, “wow I like that yeah that’s good…”  Why? Because they think to themselves, “that’s how I wanna live my life, yeah that’s the way I should live it and hey, that’s what I’m gonna make people think…that I live the good life.”

I feel bad for the preteens and teens of this generation and the one to come because  they are missing out on the true meaning of life. Do kids really live like there’s no tomorrow? I mean most of them put the cliched “live, laugh, love” on their info or description box but do they really? No. I doubt it. Their not living since they are constantly on their Facebooks or texting, they don’t laugh because they don’t wanna look stupid (and if they do it’s one of those shallow or fake laughs); and they think they love but they don’t really–because in order to love, you have to live and if being on your phone all day instead of talking to real people around you is considered living then your not loving either. 

Instead of quoting Gandhi on FB and leaving it at that, why not take a step further and actually do what you say? If you put a “Be the change you want to see in the world” quote and not do anything about it then your only depriving yourself of the life you really/secretly wanna live. The youth of today has to realize that if they follow their inspirations from their idols or their influential people then they will realize how rewarding it is to be yourself rather than showing what you can be. Live your life, seriously.



Peace & Love,



9 thoughts on “Live, Laugh, Love, blah blah blah

  1. Exactly, make the words work for you! Teens try to stand out of the crowd but they end up all look the same. They need serious work on that with themselves and away from their friends. Very thoughtful post!

    • Thanks you Ruby!! Yes! Whatever happened to being yourself? Most preteens aren’t afraid to branch out and declare who they are, but the majority…well, they do what the majority does–there is no uniqueness.

    • Thank you Alarna. Yes I absolutely agree; the Internet is full of bountiful and beneficial resources. I just hope preteens and young kids, who post such amazing quotes, actually realize the meaning behind them and not just look at its surface.

  2. I’m a sucker for quotes. (Or used to be, rather.)

    I don’t know when I came to this realization but I’ve since stopped scouring the net and scribbling down quotes. You’re right – the Internet has made us so dependent that it’s not just quotes we’re looking to, but these fanciful lifestyle blogs for how to live our lives. What was meant as inspiration or guidance has become something else, and it’s a pity, really.

    Of course there’s still a phrase or two that hits home, but unless it’s beautifully written (a beautifully strung sentence makes me the happiest girl!), I just read it, and move on. Like you wrote so well, quotes are worth nothing unless they’re actions. x

    • Yes, one can read quotes for so long…then it is meaningless if no action is taken like you said so yourself. I love meaningful quotes–quotes that inspire me and make me want to be a better person. But we can take that quote and make it our own rather than following someone else’s interpretation :) Thanks for stopping by Kimberly xo

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