Work Hard, Play Later

After a semester’s worth of hard work and all-nighters, I decided it was time to relax and rejuvenate! So I recently went and got my very first facial! I was excited and could not wait to put those cucumbers on my eyes! (even though they really don’t do anything). I decided to go with the “Deep Cleansing Facial”– I figured it has the word facial in it so it should be relaxing right?

Yeah…no. At first it started off great! I was so happy, excited, and felt relaxed. However, 15 minutes into it, she started squeezing my face, pinching my face with this metal tool, and tears filled my eyes. My heart was racing because of the excruciating pain. And to top it all off she had the steam machine going directly in front of my nose; I could barely breathe. What’s happening?! It was torture; there were several times I wanted to jump from the chair and say ‘Just stop!’

But no. I figured since it was my first time, and she is a licensed esthetician, she knows what she is doing. After that hell, she cleansed and toned my face, massaged my face with herbal and relaxing lotions, and put on a cooling mask–the facial, in my mind, has just begun. When I got home and thought about my experience, I found myself laughing and could not help but apply this spa experience as an analogy to life.

In life, ladies and gentlemen, we will see hardships; if you want something good, if you want something meaningful, something that makes you happy– you have to work hard.

You will cry, you will sweat, you will bleed. Life will push you, squeeze you, hurt you, and slap unpleasant things on your face. But if you bear the pain, have some patience, and work hard, you will enjoy the end result. My point in all this is, work hard in the beginning so you get it out of the way. Because when you relax and bask in the presences of your success, you forget about the pain you endured–it is all in the past. In the end, when life hands you that “cooling green facial mask”, you know that the hard work and hell is behind you. You have worked hard, and now you enjoy.



Peace & Love,


P.S. the image above is from a spa but it is not the one I went to, so my opinions in this post is not reflective of the above spa. 


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