Afghan Meal: Borani Badinjan

Borani Badinjan= fried eggplant (in olive oil, so it’s much more healthier) appetizer for about 6 people. It’s pronounced Borani Baanjaan, the “d” is silent :)

Ingredients:  5 medium sized skinny eggplants, 2 small tomatoes, 1 small green and red bell peppers, half clove of garlic, cilantro, olive oil, 1 tsp. salt, half tsp. black pepper, and Afghan homemade yogurt.

  1. Wash and peel the eggplants, then cut them horizontally so you have eggplant circles.
  2. Now fry the pieces in a fry pan on medium heat. Add half cup of olive oil and fry about 10-15 circles at a time.
  3. When they turn a brownish-golden yellow color, take them out.
  4. After you’re done frying the eggplants, slice the tomatoes and layer them. Slice the bell peppers as well.
  5. On top of the tomatoes, layer the bell peppers. And then layer the cooked, fried eggplants on top of the bell peppers. We do this so the tomatoes and bell peppers add flavor to the eggplants.
  6. Then, repeat for rest of eggplants–layer away!
  7. In between layers, add chop half clove of garlic and cilantro. This will give the eggplants more flavor.
  8. Leave it on low heat for about 15 minutes so it steams, cover the fry pan tightly.
  9. When it’s cooked and spread out in a platter, add Afghan homemade yogurt on top, sprinkle in some dried mint leaves, cilantro, and you’re done!
  10. This whole process should take about an hour.

Nooshe Jaan!



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