A Hand

Whenever I hear a woman say that she will quit gossiping and no longer partake in this centuries old act, I laugh. “You’re a woman, gossiping is in our blood”, I think to myself. Personally, I don’t spread rumors and gossip about people behind their backs; I hate it and I would feel guilty doing it. It’s just not right. Why should I say negative things about someone and make them upset? It doesn’t make sense to me. I do, however, listen to gossip. I can’t help it! You’re at a social gathering, your gossipy friends talk, and you can’t help but hear what she says. What else am I gonna do? Tell her pause, go stand in the corner and come back when she’s done? Nah, she’ll probably definitely gossip about me instead! 

There are those who gossip, those who listen but don’t spread the gossip, and finally those who call out the person doing the gossiping. There’s an Afghan saying that comes to mind each time I hear the whispers and laughter amongst my friends:

We all have five fingers on our hand; one points to Sally on what she did last Saturday night, the other finger points to Bob’s wife and how she’s a gold digger, the other finger points to another, and so on. But wait, the thumb points to you! What about you? What have you done? Whenever you point fingers at someone, use the last one to point to yourself and ask yourself “what am I doing?”, because then, my dear friend, is where the juiciest gossip lies; your own life supplies you with an abundance of dramas, you’re already busy, so why create more?

It’s important to realize that we are not perfect beings and if we are to judge, then we should judge and look at ourselves just as harshly as we would do to others.




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