Hi I’m Bena… and I’m a recovering Perfectionist

So today I was cleaning out my room and found a little list of things I had written down last spring. I wrote down a couple books I should take a look at before starting my blog and on the back of that list I wrote “things to keep in mind: architecture and hair style cutting ” and next to that I wrote down a number, probably from some salon or beauty school. I drew a huge “x” over the “things to keep in mind” because you know what? Why should I learn and do so many other activities when I can be sharpening my writing skills and improving what I am already good at, talented, and have a passion for. This brings me to my next thought. In college, the admissions people aren’t looking for who can do the most activities, or who can juggle five things at once…no, they want to see a student with a passion for music, writing, medicine, acting, whatever it may be; they want to see a passionate and ambitious student.

That’s when I too, realized that it is okay if I’m not a spontaneous great cook and have to see the recipes more than once, it’s okay if I don’t get calculus, because you know what? Maybe I’m passionate about writing, and there’s also someone out there passionate about cooking. Then, we can help each other and this is what makes the world go round. I do what I’m good at, he/she does what their good at. We don’t have to meddle in each others field and try to be as good as them because, let’s face it, perhaps we don’t have that “X” factor or that talent that makes us shine like they do. Don’t spread yourself too thin. We have to accept ourselves for who we are and make the best of it!



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