Lifeless Statue

“Make me laugh, I need a laugh. Watch it! Don’t mess up my hair!” It’s sad to see teenagers not socializing as much as they used to.

I went over my friend’s house for her birthday party and when I got there, I thought it was her sister’s birthday instead. Reason being, her sister kept taking pictures of herself and acted like it was her big day. She was in a different room with a bunch of her friends who were trying to make her laugh in order for her to have a nice and real looking smile for her facebook profile.

I don’t get it. Teenagers nowadays; they don’t enjoy life, they are constantly wanting to show their facebook buddies how good they look. Here’s an idea, why don’t you simply enjoy the party and live your life instead of trying to fake it? It shouldn’t always be about appearance, because then you ignore the priceless moments in life–like how you were pretty much on auto-pilot mode for your sister’s birthday party.



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