Excuse me?

Oh I’m studying for math

Oh I’m studying for the SATs

Oh I’m tired

Oh I, uh..um…ran out of excuses!

Excuse, the prefix ex- as in exit=to leave and execute= to get rid of. Basically an excuse is one’s temporary solution to a problem they wanna “exscape” (see what I did there? well some people say it like that!)

Remember, you can’t escape reality, you eventually have to face it. It was during my senior year of high school that I decided I wanted to be a writer and write about topics that interest me and that I’m passionate about. Unfortunately, I kept delaying my writing and instead, I wrote my stories on post-it notes. You have only ONE life to live, unless if you’re a kitty cat, so live it well. If you don’t follow your dreams now, then when will you?


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