Medicine for Bieber Fever?

When I was watching the Today show Thursday morning and saw a huge crowd of girls waiting for the Bieber concert I thought the concert was going to be on that day. The next day when I was watching the Today show, I saw another huge crowd of girls, “what’s going on? who is it this time?” It was Justin Bieber. But wait, didn’t he give a concert yesterday? Nope, those girls camped out since Tuesday to reserve a good seat for the concert.

Wow, these girls were willing to sleep on the ground in very uncomfortable conditions just to see Justin Bieber? What has society come to? What happened to the good old days when guys fought over girls and actually cared about them? What I found kind of disturbing was that there were ten year olds and six year olds amongst the crowd of boy-crazy girls. One of the reporters asked a little girl why she likes Justin Bieber and she said, “he’s hot”– no ten year old should be thinking about boys like that at such a young age. The six year old surprised me too when she said she liked how Bieber flipped his hair and that he’s cute. Well, the only things she should be finding cute are little puppies or kitties, hair bows, dora the explorer, and uh um…unicorns and rainbows!

As a young lady I feel kind of embarrassed when I see young girls screaming their heads off for these boys. Now I’m not saying don’t listen to their music or anything, I just want girls to have a little self-respect for themselves and not be so obsessed with a guy that you will be willing to sleep on the cold ground for him just to see him sing. When Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his wife Mumtaz Mahal , it was because he loved her so much and wanted to show his love to her. Now, if a guy loves you what does he do? Where is my Taj Mahal? Seriously girls, don’t throw yourselves after a guy. Don’t let yourselves get so happy by his compliments because then you’ll fall hard if he says something hurtful. Have some confidence so that way even if he does say something cruel, you’ll know that it isn’t true because your a confident and strong young woman. Listen to Justin Bieber’s music if you like, that’s fine, just don’t belittle yourself so that you would be willing to do anything for him.

Oh and before I forget, originally I had intended to do a separate post for Father’s Day but later on I realized I can combine the two into one post. Don’t see the connection? Well, most dads don’t want to see their baby girls go all crazy for a teenage “heart-throb” so what better way to say Happy Father’s Day than with this post…Happy Father’s Day Daddy.



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