Golden Key to College

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking– “key to college” ?, that sounds so cheesy, unoriginal and cliched, but hey, it’s true. There is an important factor or your key to college and that’s your SAT score.

Colleges and universities know that not all high schools are the same. Some have tough teachers, some have teachers who offer lots of extra credit, and then there are some schools who don’t have such spectacular extra curricular activities. So it wouldn’t be fair to compare a student that has an 87 GPA with tons of extra-curricular’s and honors classes, to a 98 GPA student with barely any activities. That is why we have exams like the SATs and ACTs which ask the same questions regardless of where you went to high school; it sort of levels the playing field.

When you’re a high school freshman you’re too busy figuring out who you are, where you fit in, etc., and college might be the last thing on your mind. Well, as a person who has been through the process, let me tell you that freshman year is the perfect time to start thinking about college. Take advantage of any free time you get during your freshman year and use about half an hour of that time to decide where you want to go to college.

After you narrow down your choices, look through the university’s website to see what entrance exams they accept (SAT or ACT) and any other requirements they have. Research if there are any deadlines to a program you might be interested in, etc. Some colleges require you to take SAT subject exams. By researching ahead of time, especially during your freshman year, you will see what courses or exams you need to take rather than waiting at the last minute and figuring it out when it’s too late. Hope this advice was helpful!



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