Kids will be kids

I adore little kids; they’re cute, honest, and innocent. They’re carefree and hyper little munchkins that haven’t had the “joy” of dealing with life’s harsh realities. So the other day when I was at the mall and saw these two little boys chatting happily and holding hands, I thought it was cute–one of their parents thought otherwise. The boys were walking in front of me with one of their parents in front of them.

The mom turned around to say something to them and as soon as she saw them holding hands it was as if the world had ended. Both parents constantly kept telling them to stop holding hands. They were like “stop it! Drop his hand, stop!”. They even went as far as physically separating the two. After, each parent talked to each boy separately saying “No son, it doesn’t look right”, in hushed tones.

Okay…what?! Those two little boys must have been about five or six years old; they were way too young to understand or even think about whatever the parents were thinking. I wonder what went through their little young minds. “I’m just talking and holding my best friends hand, isn’t that what friends do?” By making a big deal out of it and bringing attention to them holding hands as a bad thing,the parents stain their innocence and make something out of what appears to be nothing.

So parents let kids be kids. They don’t think like you do, so don’t draw any unnecessary attention to a “problem” when there wasn’t one to begin with.




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