Sexiness, Sexiness…What about Classiness?

Now if you’re a mom and/or a housewife who’s been stuck at home with the kids all day and just want a fun night out, dress up and feel sexy, then yeah go ahead. But if you’re a pre-teen or high school teenage girl who wants to act and feel sexy then that might be a problem.

In today’s society yes I agree that there is so much pressure on women to look like goddesses and be perfect. However, I feel that when young girls are exposed to all this sexiness, it can leave a negative impact upon them; they will be tempted to act or be someone they’re not.

I see many young girls unfortunately falling into the trap of thinking they look good with all that makeup or those tight clothes, but in reality it makes the situation awkward and uncomfortable. Young girls should act like young girls and be silly, innocent, and not in a hurry to grow up so fast. They should have respect for themselves, know who they are and not be in such a rush to date. Take the time to know yourself before getting to know someone else.

When young girls expose too much skin or try to act sexy, then how do you expect people, especially guys, to respect you? Being classy means being confident, happy and proud of who you are, having self-esteem, respect and dignity for yourself.

Girls, if you want a guy’s attention, don’t feel the need to attract him with your body, but with your confidence and character.

Keep it classy and chic, you look better that way.




10 thoughts on “Sexiness, Sexiness…What about Classiness?

  1. i am glad that you touched on this subject. Alot of ladies dont realise that you can look sexy without being traShy or vulgar. i am a firm advocate of elegance and and being classy.

    • First off, thanks for visiting my blog Audrina! And yes being elegant and chic is far more attractive than looking vulgar; it kinda has that “it” factor.

  2. Gosh Bena, I’m really torn here. I personally prefer an Audrey Hepburn look for myself- a classic, classy look. And I really really hate the messages we send to young (and not so young) girls that overly sexualize them from an incredibly young age (google “heelarious” if you want to be truly horrified).

    On the other hand, I don’t want to go into the category of slut-shaming. I am “confident, happy and proud of who you are, having self-esteem, respect and dignity for yourself,” but I also sometimes love to wear very short skirts and black leather corsets. I believe I should be able to walk down the street buck naked with the words “I like to have sex” written across my chest and still be treated with respect. Because I am a human being, and all human beings should be treated with respect.

    Clearly a thorny issue, but one that we definitely don’t talk about enough!

  3. Yes, tell them they will win the guys with their personality. When I was a teen, we guys were always anxious to meet girls who were described to us as having a “great personality”. ;-)

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