Philosophy 101 with Drake & Nicki Minaj

“I believe that Life is a prize,

But to live doesn’t mean your alive…”

“…Everybody dies, but not everybody lives”

What I wanted to say in three paragraphs, Nicki Minaj “eloquently” summed it up in three sentences. The last sentence was actually said by Drake and when I first heard him say it, I was like “ duh…not everyone lives forever, they eventually die”; but then one day his voice was stuck in my head and I tried to make sense of the phrase…I then understood. I don’t know if Drake meant it intentionally, but the way I interpret it as saying: everybody dies at the end, but not everyone lives their life to its fullest.

Overtime, we forget how to live and forget how to enjoy life because we are all somewhat of a perfectionist. We build these advance technologies and continue to have these amazing discoveries that our hands are too full and we can’t focus on ourselves. We strive to perfect the superficial and secular aspects of our lives. Carpe Diem, seize the day…seize the time; it’s easier said than done. How can we seize the time when time has already seized us? It appears to be that way because nowadays people are getting way too lazy and the idea of being spontaneous sounds way to tedious to some. However, people have to realize that you can’t just go cold turkey and suddenly decide to be spontaneous; small steps mark a big difference. It takes one person to make a change and influence another. I believe the fear of rejection is what hinders many from doing what they love; once an individual realizes that they shouldn’t worry about what others think and think about what they want themselves, then Carpe Diem isn’t as difficult as one would imagine.



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